Tiny tips for cleaning

Strong and absorbent Lotus Emilia household towel is suitable for wiping surfaces throughout the house.

Lotus Emilia remains absorbent and durable even when wet, which makes it perfect for cleaning household surfaces. It is also an excellent quick fix for removing spots and wiping down larger surfaces, such as windows and mirrors.

Wax on a tablecloth

Wax that has dripped onto a tablecloth often leaves a permanent stain. Removing the remnants of wax and grease is easy with Emilia household towel: place a sheet of towelling on the stain and press with an iron on low heat. The heat causes the wax and the stain to be absorbed by the paper. It works!

Well-planned is half-cleaned

You can reduce the amount of cleaning necessary after food preparation by protecting kitchen surfaces with a sheet of Lotus Emilia household towel. Lightly moisten the household towels so it stays in place. It is the perfect landing pad for cooking utensils, like spoons, ladles or measuring cups. When you are done with cooking, use the same sheet to wipe up crumbs, spices and scraps, then toss it in the trash.

Red wine on a tablecloth

It is the classic stain: red wine on a tablecloth. As soon as the spill has occurred, it is important to blot as much liquid as possible with absorbent Lotus Emilia household towel. After that, blot the stain with acidic mineral water and launder the tablecloth.

Polishing windows

It is best to begin washing windows by wiping the dust and dirt from the windows and frames. Start from the outside. Because there is so much dust on the outside, especially in the city, it is important to have plenty of Lotus Emilia household towel on hand. When it is time to start the washing and drying proper, use Emilia instead of the traditional cloth and squeegees. Finally, use household towel to dry the corners, the edges, and the windowsills.

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Flu season info

Disposable tissue is the most effective weapon against the spread of influenza.

Paper is a clean and safe raw material for tissues and other hygiene products. Paper tissue is not only the most effective tool for relieving the symptoms of a cold and alleviating discomfort, but also for preventing the spread of the flu.

There are many strains of flu virus. The flu spreads either through physical contact or through air-borne droplets. The nasal drip of an influenza patient includes large amounts of virus, and, after blowing their nose, the patient may spread it from their hands directly to another person or to any surfaces they touch. Sneezing or vigorously blowing one’s nose can also spread the virus through the air and pose a contagion risk to those nearby.


  • When sneezing or coughing, prevent the spread of the resulting droplets by covering your mouth or nose with a disposable tissue.
  • Discard the tissue immediately rather than leaving it stuffed in your pocket or bag.
  • Remember to wash your hands after blowing your nose – actually as often as possible during flu season.

  • It also makes sense to choose the right kind of tissue. During flu season, tissues get heavy use, so the skin around the nose may become irritated. It is better not to compound the symptoms by using a tissue that increases irritation.

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Cooking hints

Lotus Emilia household towels: a hygienic tool for the home cook.

High-quality, absorbent Lotus Emilia household towels will satisfy even the most demanding home chefs. Use them to pat away water from the surface of meats and vegetables, or to absorb excess grease from fried food before serving.

Crisp lettuce

Lettuce leaves wilt easily in lunch boxes, and paper towels solve the problem. Place a sheet of extra-absorbent Lotus Emilia household towel on top of the lettuce leaves before you close the box, and your lettuce stays noticeably crisper.

Less grease

Sometimes meat fried on the stove can get too greasy. Transfer the fried meat from the pan directly onto Lotus Emilia household towels to absorb the excess grease. Presto: now your delicious dish is ready to serve.

Keep boiled potatoes dry

Boiled potatoes may become watery if too much moisture remains in the pot after cooking. Once the potatoes are cooked and drained, cover the potatoes with a sheet of Lotus Emilia household towel before replacing the lid. The paper will soak up the extra moisture from the potatoes, keeping them from getting watery.

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