The high-quality Lotus products are mainly manufactured at the Oy Essity Finland Ab factory in Nokia, Finland. The factory has a long tradition of quality paper production.

Our high-quality Lotus brand is the market leader in Finland. Some of the Lotus products are also exported to Denmark and the Baltic countries.

”Toilett paper” was the first consumer product manufactured in Nokia, and a relatively early one at that. Although originally a side product, toilet paper began to be manufactured as far back as 1902-1905. The early 1960s saw the introduction of a modernized, lighter-weight version, Nokia Silk, which was advertised as soft and long-lasting.

Originally toilet paper was manufactured by the paper mill as an ancillary product, but then the decision was made to market it as well. In 1928, commercial production of toilet paper began, and it was originally sold in packages of sheets, alongside the company’s other products. At first the silk paper product was called “Pikku Matti” or “Little Matty”, but before long the name was changed to Nokia Silk. The product was cut into sheets and wrapped.

During the 1950s, the mills experimented with the production of crepe paper, and those experiments led the company into the tissue-manufacturing business. Crepe paper was initially sold to clients who processed it into rolls of toilet tissue. For all intents and purposes,however, the current manufacturing course was set back in the 1950s, and that Nokia has been manufacturing tissue for over 50 years!


Crepe and Rosette toilet tissues hit the market

Embo bathroom tissue hits the market
Luonnonystävän product series - bathroom tissue and paper towelling
Three-ply Soft Embo


Nordic Swan Ecolabel for Luonnonystävän products


Lotus Royal hits the market

The only bathroom tissue tube on the market that can be flushed, composted, or recycled

And the journey continues. We are continually improving our bathroom tissues and other tissue products at Nokia in order to respond to consumer needs.

Source: Puusta pehmopaperiin (“From tree to tissue”, Olavi Toivola)



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Essity takes environmental considerations into account in all its activities. Environmental factors are taken into consideration in manufacturing, material choices, product development, and transporting planning, as well as marketing and sales activities. Oy Essity Finland Ab was the first Nordic manufacturer of tissue products who certified its environmental system in 1998.

Our environmental system ISO14001 belongs to the same family of international standards to which our quality control systems belong. All Lotus products manufactured by the company bear the Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan. These Ecolabels are a guarantee to consumers and end users that our products meet exacting environmental criteria.

Environmental operations are continually developed

Our environmental policies are guided by principles of continual development. We operate not only according to current environmental standards, legislation, and regulations, but also by taking future demands into account. We emphasize cooperation with authorities and other stakeholders in our environmental activities, and we communicate openly with our personnel and clients about environmental issues. Our company’s main environmental goals are conserving energy and water, reducing waste, and further utilizing new information. We consider environmental effects in the selection of fibre materials, chemicals and packaging materials, and attempt to minimize their impact on the environment.


The Nordic Ecolabel, or the Nordic Swan

All Lotus products have earned the Nordic Ecolabel , otherwise known as the Nordic Swan

The Nordic Ecolabel, or the Nordic Swan, is awarded to the most environmentally sensitive products. These labels are a guarantee to consumers and end users that our products satisfy exacting criteria.

Nordic Swan criteria for tissue

The environmental impact of manufacturing paper is assessed across the entire production cycle, and requirements have been established for production, use, and waste treatment.

By following the criteria, individual manufacturers can contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

The Nordic Swan indicates the effective use of resources, as well as utilization of production methods that preserve the environment. Nordic Ecolabelling reviews the raw materials used in products, and paper products are allowed to contain only those raw materials that are best for the environment.

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Biodegradable Flush&Go® tubes

Lotus Soft Embo and Lotus Just 1 bathroom tissues contain the Flush&Go® tube – the only tube on the market that is recyclable, compostable and flushable.

The Flush&Go® tube is hundred per cent guaranteed to dissolve in a single flush, just like bathroom tissue. One Flush&Go® tube is comparable to four sheets of bathroom tissue. It has been designed to meet strict EU standards for compostability: the tube can be recycled, composted or flushed.

You can recognize a Flush&Go® -tube from this pattern.

Flush&Go® may be used in all kinds of toilets, even in old systems, old buildings, septic tanks and macerator toilets.

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